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The best Micro USB cables for 2020

Keep your gadgets fully powered with the best Micro USB cables

Micro USB cables are the second-most popular charging device for Android, and are often utilized for devices older than 2015. Although they’ve lost ground to the faster USB-C, they remain a popular option for charging phones, cameras, and other devices.

To keep your lineup of devices juiced and ready to go at a moment’s notice, however, it’s good to invest in a variety of charging cables, including the Micro USB. Below, we’re picked our favorite Micro USB cables, each of which features reinforced fibers that won’t split or peel away over time.usb cable

This Micro USB cable is our top pick. When it comes to smartphone accessories, like the best portable chargers, Anker is generally a name you can trust, and this Micro USB cable is no exception. It’s long and strong, with integrated Kevlar fibers and heavy reinforcement at the stress points to ensure longevity. It also supports fast charging and syncing speeds. This 10-foot cable is reasonably priced and ideal if your outlet isn’t close to where you want to sit. It comes with two Velcro ties, too, so you can coil any excess cable if need be. It’s also available in 3- or 6-foot varieties.

Billed as the only cable you’ll ever need, the Anchor cable had successful campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It’s a beautiful, steel-encased cable with a solid USB plug at one end and a powerful neodymium magnet at the other, which allows you to attach Micro USB, USB-C, or Lightning connectors. It supports up to 2.4A for fast charging and data sync is speedy. Because of the steel casing, it doesn’t tangle, and it’s very strong. The magnet is powerful enough to support the weight of your phone, but tug it and the cable comes free, leaving the Micro USB connector in your phone’s port, which makes for quick and easy charging with the magnetic attachment whenever you want it — provided you don’t mind leaving the plug in your phone. This is particularly good for Micro USB phones, because you never need to worry about plugging it in the right way up. It can also save a lot of wear and tear on the charging port. The only concerns we have are that the magnetic connectors are very small and will be easy to lose, and the Micro USB connector is quite hard to remove.

This durable cable is nylon braided, so it’s tough and doesn’t tangle easily. The metal connectors for the USB and Micro USB ports are strong metal and the Micro USB connector is quite long so it should work well with most cases. This cable can charge up your devices quickly and offers speedy data transfer. The quality would suggest a higher price, but it’s an affordable option. There’s also a Velcro tie attached for wrapping up any spare cable. You can pick it up in two different lengths and it comes in red or black.

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