Bone Conduction Headphones

Sometimes you want to listen music as well as want to be aware of your surroundings. If yes, then you need bone conduction headphones for you.

Bone conduction technology looks amazing but it works on very simple principles of the science of sound.

Sound can travel through any medium right? This technology just re routes the sound you are experiencing.

bone conduction

Instead of letting the ear drum do all the work of detecting all the vibration of sounds and then transmit to the inner ear, it uses your cheek bones and jaw bones to transmit the vibrations directly to your inner ear while by passing the outer and middle ear. Cool huh?

Bone conduction headphones don’t go inside or on top of your ears. Instead, you wear them on the cheekbones.

Bone conduction headphones use air conduction to transmit sound to your eardrum where there it’s converted into sound vibrations which is then transmitted to the cochlea (the inner ear).

That’s how these headphones allow you to listen music as well as what’s happening around you.Now, choosing the right bone conduction headphone is challenging as there are plethora of headphones available in the market.

Today we have brought you review to the best bone conduction head phones which we think deserve to be on our list. If you are looking to buy a new pair of best bone conduction head phones, we highly recommend to follow our buyer’s guide to top bone conduction headphones at the end of this list.

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